How to Use Guided Access on iPhone and iPad

It is a simple procedure to switch among applications on the iPhone and iPad. In case you do not want any other person to look at your device screen, then the Guided Access will help you put a security code on your device display to any particular application so that the things on your iOS remains safe. If you wish to know the steps for setting up or using the Guided Access on iPhone and iPad, then go through the steps listed below.

Steps to Set up Guided Access on iPhone and iPad

In case the users wish to set up or use the “Guided Access” on their iPhone or iPad, then they need to follow the steps mentioned below to start the procedure of setting up the Guided Access.

•    Click on the “Settings” tab.

•    Tap on the “General” option.

•    Press on the “Accessibility” option.

•    Go down to the menu list located at the end of the screen.

•    Click on the “Guided Access” option.

•    Press on the “Guided Access” option to enable it.

•    Click on the “Passcode Settings” button.

•    After that, press on the “Set Guided Access Passcode” option.

•    Type the “Passcode” on the required field.

•    Write the passcode again for verifying it.

•    The users can use “Guided Access” after completing the set up procedure.

Steps for Starting and Ending the Guided Access Session

The users can go through the using procedure of Guided Access through the application on their iPhone and iPad. It only takes a few minutes to complete its start and end procedure and the iPhone will save all the settings the users place as their favorite so that they do not have to set it again. Follow the steps mentioned below for starting and ending the Guided Access session:

•    Go to the application as per the users wish and after that, triple-click on the “Home” option.

•    In case the users wish to put the limitations on some of the parts of the display which is responding to touch, using your finger for drawing a round shape on those selected parts.

•    Click on the “Start” button.

•    You will notice that the Guided Access Session is automatically getting started and you cannot move applications till the session come to its end.

•    In case you wish to end the “Guided Access Session”, then triple-click on the “Home” option.

•    After that, click on the “End” button.

•    Type the “Passcode” on the given field.

Steps for Controlling the Features which are Available

•    Disable the “Sleep or Wake” option.

•    Turn off the “Volume” options.

•    Toggle the “motion” into the disabling button so that your iOS will not get wake up when shaking or rotating it.

•    Disable the “keyboard” so that it will not display on your screen.

•    Turn off the entire “touch commands” so that your iOS device starts involving instead of influencing.

•    Apply the limitation of time for all the other users.

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