How to Enable Cookies in Most Common Web Browsers

Cookies mostly contain the records of usernames, passwords, etc. They are small text files which are saved in your hard drive. Do you know how to enable your browser cookies? Here are some instructions to enable cookies.

Google Chrome for computer

•    Double click on Google Chrome icon.

•    Click on the Menu icon given on the upper right-hand corner.

•    Select Settings and the Settings screen will open.

•    Click Advanced option on the bottom.

•    In Advanced go to Content Settings. This option is located near Clear browsing data.

•    Tap Cookies at the top of the screen.

•    Click on the grey toggle “allow sites to read and save cookie data.”

Google Chrome for Android

•    Select Google Chrome on your device.

•    Then click on the Menu icon, you can see an upper right hand in the top.

•    Select Settings. This option comes in the drop-down menu.

•    Touch Site Settings.

•    Now you can see Cookies option, click on it.

•    Click on the grey toggle. When you click on this, it becomes blue.

Firefox for Desktop

•    Launch Firefox app.

•    You can see the Menu icon at the upper right hand of the screen.

•    Tap Option. It will appear in the drop-down menu.

•    Open the Privacy and Security button.

•    Tap on ‘Firefox will.’

•    Tap ‘Use custom settings for history. And you can see more option below the ‘History’ heading.

•    Tick the ‘Accept cookies from websites’ option. Now your cookies are enabled for your Firefox Browser.

Firefox for an Android

•    Launch the Firefox app.

•    Click on the Menu icon and go to the Settings.

•    After that, you can see the Privacy option. Click on it.

•    Click on the Cookies and choose Enabled.

Microsoft Edge for Desktop

•    Launch Microsoft Edge and click on the Menu option in the upper right-hand corner.

•    Tap Settings. It appears in the drop-down menu.

•    Now you can scroll down and tap on View Advance settings.

•    After that, you can see Advance screen then click on Cookies.

•    Tap on Don’t block cookies.

Internet Explorer

•    Launch Internet Explorer.

•    Tap on Settings. There is a grey shaped icon on the upper right hand.

•    Hit the Internet option. Maybe it will take a few seconds.

•    You can see the ‘Privacy’ option. Tap on it.

•    Tap on Advanced.

•    After that, you will see two columns, and now you can tick both Accept boxes.

•    Also, mark the ‘Always allow session cookies’ box.

•    Tap Apply and then hit OK.

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